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Meet Nikki


Nikki Ward is a compassionate speaker, teacher and Christ-follower who carries the power of the Holy Spirit with an anointing from the Lord to minister freedom and healing to others.


          Nikki asked Jesus into her heart at the age of six years old.  She has walked with the Lord by her side her entire life since that day.  She grew up in church and felt the call of the Lord on her life in her teen years.  In 2013, the Lord healed her miraculously of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS), and the supernatural began in her life.  She also received a word from the Lord at that time that HE was placing a mantle for a ministry on her. 


          As Nikki sought the Lord, he started training and preparing her for ministry.  He even gave her the name in a dream, Free In Him Ministries.  The Lord awakened her at 3:00 am on a different occasion and told her the purpose of the ministry.  Free In Him exists to be an organization led by the Spirit of God to bring salvation, healing, and freedom through creating an atmosphere for the presence of the Lord to initiate change and touch people's hearts.  This includes physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial areas which brings complete wholeness in Christ.  As part of her training, the Lord brought her women who needed prayer and as she prayed over them, HIS presence would show up and touch and heal them.

          In September 2017, the Lord led Nikki to be ordained through Joan Hunter Ministries and attend her Healing School.  Since this time, she has seen an increase in her gifting's and the results she sees in prayer.  Her heart is to see women and children set free, healed, filled with the spirit of God, and made whole in Jesus Christ.  


          In early 2020, the Lord told Nikki to begin preparing for the "next step" so she began setting up the non-profit organization. Through speaking and sharing opportunities wherever the Lord leads, whether a church setting, ladies small group, ministry or addiction center, prison, home bible study group or other places requested, she is excited to share the good news of Jesus, pray for the sick, and see people healed and set free under the power of God.  She has childlike faith that gets results in prayers and wants to see others do the same.  In addition, she partners with other ministries to pray for the sick and share the good news of Jesus as the Lord leads. 

Nikki Ward and her husband, Jimmy John, live in Central Arkansas.  They have been married since March 1992 and they have a son, daughter-in-law, and three wonderful grandbabies.  They also have a dog, Lucy.

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