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See below just a few of the testimonies the Lord has done through 
Free In Him Ministries


Sharon  received a New Lung supernaturally

Tyler, Texas

I had come down with lung cancer even though I had never smoked a day in my life.  I had to have my left lung removed along with the cancer.  After Nikki prayed over me at my home, I went back to the doctor and had an x-ray.  The doctor said not only was my lung back, but there was no indication that I had ever even had surgery!!!!!

Timothy had fractured bone restored

Ft Smith, AR

My mom and I had come to Little Rock for a monthly assessment of my fractured leg which was not healing after 5 months.  We stopped by CAWC in Conway and Nikki prayed for my leg and commanded the bone to come back together.  The next day the doctor was shocked & x-rayed my leg 3x to confirm it was totally healed!!!  The bone had moved over where it should have been and was completely back together!!!


Angela was able to forgive

Central AR

I had been going to a counselor for 5 straight months trying to forgive a family member that had hurt me for years but the week Nikki visited the recovery center I was at and prayed for me & asked the Lord to give me strength to forgive, I was able a few days later to forgive her!!!

Rich was healed of Skin Cancer

Tomball, TX

I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my face & a procedure was scheduled.  Nikki prayed for me on a Sunday night at JHM & on Tuesday when I went for procedure, the doctor's could not find any cancer so I didn't have anything done at all!  Just a bandaide.

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