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Are you ready for the next move of the Holy Spirit? It's coming....

I had a dream in 2019 that the Lord just gave me permission to release now. In the dream, I was standing as I saw in the distance a tsunami wave with white caps way in the distance and it was as high as a 100 story building. It was billowing towards me. I was concerned I was going to get hit and drown. As it got up to me, it rolled to the ground and hit my fee and stopped at my ankles, then it moved to my knees and paused, then my waist and paused and then my chest and paused and just when I thought I was going to drown, it went over my head and I was consumed in it. It wasn't water I realized and it was very peaceful. I thought was it the Holy Spirit?

So, I asked the Lord about it and how he explained this to me is supernatural. I'll save "how" he spoke for a later time. He explained that the water and tsunami was a wave of the Holy Spirit that is coming like we've never seen nor felt before including his power. He said when it gets here, some people will only let it go as far as their feet, others their knees, others their waist, others their chest, and some will be so ready for it, that it will totally consume them filled up and overflowing. This is the Anointing and power he is bringing to HIS church to bring in the end harvest before the rapture of the church. Yes, we do live in this time. I want to be used by the Lord in wherever and whatever capacity he tells me too!! Are you open to being uncomfortable experiencing something new from him? Obedient to his voice? Do you even Hear his voice?

As I was laying in bet at 7:30am this morning, the Lord started speaking to me. He said this time is a resetting of his church and that when we gather again, he is calling his children to walk in the power & calling he has given each of us to make an impact for him in this world! He is making my calling clearer and clearer and has shown me yet another training he is taking me through. Are you using this "time off" wisely? Are you asking God what you need to be studying during this time? Are you building an alter in your home? Are you singing praised to him in this storm?

Just wanted you to think about this because it's coming whether you are ready or not!!!

Note: I shared this on my personal facebook page on April 2, 2020. I am adding here so that when my site goes live, the message is available for future reading.

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