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New Wineskins & New Beginnings

In Luke 5:37-39, the Lord said, "you cannot pour new wine into old wineskins because the old wine skin would burst & the new wine would be lost. New wine has to be poured into new wineskins". In verse 39, he explains that "you say the old ways were better and you refuse to taste the new thing I bring". The Lord has told me to share that he is bringing YOU something new this year....a tweek to your old way of thinking or habits, more of his presence in your life, and a renewed vision for his plan for YOU in the coming days! Are you prepared & ready for what's coming to YOU or are you stuck in your old way of doing things, old habits, old mindset & thoughts, old glory days and old unhealthy relationships that you need to let go of that will keep you from receiving all that our Father has for YOU? Get prepared my friends because it's coming...don't let this NEW thing pass you by because you are not open to what NEW think he is bringing to YOU!!!! 2020 is a kickoff year to a decade of a mighty move of God over our nation, the nations, and his church! Let's pray & be ready to be changed, be open for correction & to be used by him!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

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